LaRhae Maine Coon Cats is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).  We live in Snohomish, Washington about 45 minutes North of Seattle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Our cats are the center of our family and are not housed in cages.  They are inquisitive and involved with everything we do.  They love to follow us from room to room “helping” with our daily tasks.  To ensure they all get the individual attention and care they deserve we choose to have fewer cats.  We are greatly committed to their overall health, well-being, and happiness.  They are fed a species appropriate, balanced raw diet to promote optimum health.

We do a limited amount of breeding and occasionally have kittens available.  Our focus is on proper care before, during and after the birth of each litter. Our kittens are well socialized to people and properly introduced to our other cats.  They are placed in the best homes suited to each individual personality.  We are committed to each and every kitten for the entirety of it’s life.

We show our cats in TICA and occasionally you can find us at a CFA show.  We strive to breed the highest quality of standard.  Countless hours are spent researching pedigrees and the health traits of the lines we work with.  Our cats have excellent conformation, proper type and wonderful dispositions. Having a judge see our cats in person and being able to put their hands on them ensures we are adhering to the proper Maine Coon breed standard.  We look forward to continuing to produce award winning cats.

Maine Coon cats are noted to be highly intelligent and very social. They are large cats and have sweet dispositions, hence their nickname “the gentle giant”. We are very passionate about preserving all the wonderful qualities of the breed.



Current News

We have tentative litter plans for late summer or early fall 2023. All Kittens from our current Keyda and Gus litter have been spoken for.

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