Fancy is our black silver classic torbie from Popokilani in Japan. She was personally escorted to our home by her breeder at just over 4 months of age. Fancy had the atmosphere of a Queen from a very young age, and she fits the role very well. She makes sure all the cats in our home stay in line. Before she had kittens her motherly instinct was so strong; She enjoys taking part in raising litters of kittens even if they are not her own. Her favorite thing is food, hers or yours! If you have a plate of food, she makes sure to know what’s on it and that she gets some. Fancy has a feral look, with a serious expression and gorgeous amber eyes. Her ears are set perfectly with correct tilt, her muzzle is square with a deep chin. Her boning is very good for silver. She is not a big girl, but her offspring typically double her size by their first birthday. She has a beautiful long and lush tail. I have been fortunate to meet both Yukari and Yasuyuki in person. I can’t thank them enough for this girl and I would be honored to have another cat from Popokilani someday.