Jolie, also known as Little Girl, is a brown mackerel tabby from Oakbear cattery in California. Her breeder, Linda gave her that nickname and it just stuck. She came to us at 4 months of age, and to the contrary of her nickname was quite a large girl for her age. She was a very goofy and playful kitten, and she has never grown out of that. Her favorite thing is playing fetch. We make paper balls and she brings her stuffed mice, or anything else she can find for you to throw. When she’s not playing fetch, she can be found entertaining herself for hours and it is quite comical to watch. She had three litters for us and was a very good mother. She had a difficult time birthing her last litter and the decision was made to alter her. Now she is a happy go lucky girl, and has even turned into a lap cat. Linda is no longer with us, but we are eternally grateful she entrusted us with our very first breeding girl.